Dec 21, 2018
Barbara Rosasco
Kasumisou Foundation

Since its founding in 1998, Kasumisou Foundation has conceived and operated or sponsored more than 20 programs or projects aimed at improving the lives of some of Southeast Asia's most disadvantaged people. ​During that time we have done projects or programs in Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia and Laos. We are currently confining our efforts to Cambodia where we focus on 4 main programs. 


For nearly 20 years, Barbara and her husband Mark have continued , as unpaid volunteers, without interruption, to offer programs and services to assist poor, disadvantaged families and children who are often dually impacted by extreme poverty and their HIV status.

Barbara joined Waddell & Reed in San Mateo in 2010 and became a financial advisor in January 2011.  It is her nature to want to help people so it is no surprise that her passion, in both arenas of her life, professional and non profit, is to help families and individuals set priorities and help them to find ways to pursue their goals.


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