Aug 17, 2018
Sara Hart
The Upside of Downsizing

Sign of Enough is one of Sara’s special projects that helps us answer the question, “How will I know when I have enough?”  This question became the theme for Sara’s own downsizing last year and is in the title of her recent book The Upside of Downsizing:  Getting to Enough.  The book is about the emotional side of downsizing your home, not the practicalities.  In her presentation Sara will talk about how it feels to get rid of things you may have had for many, many years, like your children’s favorite toys, even if they now are forty years old with children of their own.  As you hear Sara talk about her own journey, you will know you’re not alone in one you may realize is in your future.

Sara B. Hart, PhD, founded her management consulting company, Hartcom, 20 years ago to focus on leadership development, coaching, and team building.  Sara is also a speaker, coach and author. She loves to cycle, walk, attend movies, concerts, opera, theatre and specially to have dinner with friends.  She lives with her cat, Mr. Bu, in Los Altos.

Secret Word: Reduce