Oct 19, 2018
Dave and Chris Stormont
On the Road

Hi All, Chris and I just finished a twenty-day, seven state, 4000-mile road trip through the Southwest.  Jim Rochotte asked me to talk to the club about the trip, so it is his fault!

Our trip included stops at Capital Reef National Park in Utah, Palo Doro Canyon in Texas, my sister in Garden City, KS, the Santé Fe School of Cooking, Bandelier Cliff Dwellings near Santé Fe, Gila Cliff Dwellings in NM, Saguaro National Monument near Tucson, a cousin in Tucson, all the while seeking sections of the Mother Road, Route 66. 

The purpose of the trip was three-fold.  Visit my Sister and my Cousin who I had not seen in years and Palo Doro Canyon    The reason to visit Palo Doro Canyon is a little more complex and that is what I am going to focus on along with a few photos taken along the way.

My interest in Palo Doro Canyon started about 2 years when I read the book “Empire of the Summer Moon”.  Briefly, it is about the history of the Comanche Indian Tribe, the clash between the southern plains Indians and the white settler and the Comanche’s final defeat.  Central to the story is Quanah Parker and his mother Cynthia Anne Parker.   Their story became the basis for the 1956 movie “The Searchers” starring John Wayne. 

Secret Word: ROADTRIP