Apr 26, 2019
Ellen Fisher, Casey Koslosky
Paws for Purple Hearts

Paws for Purple Hearts is dedicated to improving the lives of America’s Warriors facing mobility challenges and trauma related conditions such as PTSD and TBI by providing the highest quality service dogs and canine assisted therapeutic programs. We will showcase the different tasks the dogs learn, discuss the Paws for Purple Hearts model, Canine-Assisted Warrior Therapy®️, and how warriors help to train the dogs for their fellow comrades.


Ellen Fisher is a Therapeutic Instructor at Paws for Purple Hearts Menlo Park. She is thankful her position allows her the opportunity to help others through the healing relationship of the human-animal bond.


Casey Koslosky is the Advancement Associate at our Menlo Park PPH location. Casey grew up fostering dogs and has volunteered to support our veterans for as long as she can remember. Casey also spent time in Washington, DC advocating for student veterans.


Secret Word: Dogs